Whole Food & Nutrient Obsession | Complete Overview: Ex-Vegan Reason #2 Series

“Processed food to the rescue?!”

Heya, it’s Miri. If you’ve been wondering when my next was comping up – I’ve been preparing and outlining a whole series for you, that’s why, coming… now. 🙂 So how can volume eating, whole food, macro, nutrient, purity and eating window obsession cause health troubles? How can the healthiest diet get you (or maybe already got you!) into health trouble – despite the abundance of micronutrients, tons of healing juices and just the rightly tracked macronutrients… How can the nutritarian diet possibly be harmful for you? Could the “pleasure trap” of processed foods possibly not apply to you? ? We’ve all heard that eating vegan processed foods can be good or sometimes even necessary for MENTAL health. But have we ever heard that eating them can be also good – or even necessary – for PHYSICAL health – the very thing they are reputed to be harmful for!? ? Hear me out on how that can possibly be – you might not yet have thought about what I have to say. Ever.

We’ve made food the most complicated thing in the first world.

Tell someone in Africa about a healthy “relationship with food”- chances are they won’t know what it is. Tell them you’re running around the block every day to burn calories – chances are they’ll look at you like you’re insane and asking you “but why?!”. Tell them you’re not eating that bowl of rice they offer you because you’re watching your carbs or calories – chances are they’ll be healthier, slimmer, and not even thinking about calories, maybe not even knowing about calories. If anything, they might be grateful that they have enough. Or tell them you’re only eating brown rice because you obsess over eating whole foods only, no processed foods – if they have a good sense of humour they’ll at least laugh about your joke. Or tell them you can’t eat that vegetable stir fry because it’s made with oil that’s expensive and rare there and only used at very special rare occasions – and you’ll ruin the whole moment for yourself that could have been unforgettable. But now you’ll remember the fears over calories, macros and processed foods over the memories of the faces, conversations, music, emotions and connections. Just because of a spoonful of an innocent isolated plant compound that someone else once – and then you as well – deemed evil and gave the power to control your thoughts, mood and life.

You CAN thrive…

… so long as you eat enough and a variety, with no obsessing over whole foods, no limiting, portioning, or manipulating food to extremes. No overthinking, volumizing or  overhealthifying. That’s where health loss and weight gain come into play. Veganism in no way, shape, or form, means fasting or eating only greens, or vegetables, or fruit or raw. Not even eating whole foods only. But apparently that’s what far too many YouTubers thought and made it out to be… Gosh, processed foods can even sometimes freakin’ help you get healthy faster! So if that’s new to you – keep watching, I’ll provide some food for thought. Because you CAN be so healthy that you’re hellthy… The reason we’re seeing people’s health decline on seemingly perfect diets is because we’re using the calorie density approach with the wrong motivation which is “automatically taking in less calories, yey!” We got it fatally wrong and have to change our thinking about weight loss back to metabolic basics. Your body’s biology will always win longterm, no matter what you do. Let’s stop being at war with our body and metabolism.

Welcome to my post series on the second reason for gut, immune, hormone and health crisis. For vegans and non-vegans alike. The “no longer vegan” thing has blown up huge on YouTube so that’s why I’m tailoring everything to vegans – but all info applies to anyone no matter how they eat or live. I’ve made an effort to touch on all aspects and arguments on this highly controversial topic and they all are a such hot zone that needs to be talked about, so I’ll make an own video on each one. I’ll give you a glimpse on what awaits you now:


3 reasons NOT to eat whole foods only
Processed food phobia & whole food obsession
Not all processed food is equal
The ACTUAL issue with processed food

Sugar, oil & salt – empty calories phobia
Vegan orthorexia
How SOS can be your friend
Why lack of fiber & nutrients is ok
How processed food can be even necessary for your health
How we discriminate some plant compounds over others
How highly palatable foods are not bad or harmful for you

THE healthiest diet & how processed foods are part of it
Why natural and paleo ≠ health
Optimal health ≠ eat ing100% natural / paleolithic
So what’s the healthiest diet?
Optimal health ≠ biohacking your diet and body
Make your life about food to get sick
Good ol’ balance in achieving health
Why restrictive vegans end up as ex-vegans
How orthorexia sufferers tend to think “they’re just being healthy”

High calorie density phobia
Eating whole foods for less calories
Why we’re meant to eat a surplus
Why higher calorie density is a GOOD thing
Fatally wrong motivation: “automatically taking in less calories”
Why women’s bodies are less resilient than men’s
How processed foods can help you get healthier faster

Empty nutrients bingeing
Why the pleasure trap may not apply to you
Why fiber is overrated
Why nutrients are overrated
Why anti-nutrients are overrated even more

4 Nutritarian fears of processed foods debunked
Pleasure trap foods to the rescue
Are you a nutrient and veggie abuser?
“But processed foods will make you addicted!”
“But highly palatable food is too stimulating!”
“But processed food is acid-forming!”
“But our body doesn’t know what to do with processed food!”

Calorie phobia & suppressing hunger
How to outsmart your body
Intermittent fasting, intuitive eating, skipping & postponing meals, eating times, volume eating
Intermittent fasting & intuitive eating abuse – when it’s not FOR you but HARMS you
Hunger suppressing gimmick: postponing meals and intermittent fasting
How to know if it’s right for you when coming from a dieting background?
Hunger postponing gimmick: overthinking and intuitive eating
For the love of calorie density – why you need to stop volume eating & manipulating your hunger

Volume eating & saving calories
How to outsmart your hunger & body with empty nutrients, protein craze, stevia, resistant starch
Hunger suppressing gimmick: protein
Calorie saving gimmick: diet foods
Volume eating gimmick: resistant starch
Hunger suppressing gimmick: exercise

The macro & low fat madness
The fat you eat is the fat you need
Eat it if it DOESN’T fit your macros
Why you need to lose your macros
Food – the most complicated thing in the first world
The fallacy of “the fat you eat is the fat you wear”
Why the fat you eat is NOT the fat you wear
For the love of fat
Benefits of fats
(maybe the same on carbs sometime in the future)

Vegan in recovery? Eating disorders masked as veganism
How obsessions lead to ex-vegans
Disordered eating implanted into veganism

Now, you’re not gonna hear from me that processed food is healthy or that you need it to be healthy. I’m not gonna throw any extremes and opposites of whole foods at you and I’m also not gonna bore you with stuff you’ve heard a million times already. But I’m gonna tell you right now that non-whole food CAN in fact be healthy and even that it CAN be NECESSARY for you to be healthy (so not only mentally but also physically) – and that you certainly CAN need it to be healthy. Now how does that work in a health movement where everyone preaches the glory of clean natural eating, whole foods and SOS (sugar, oil, salt)-free science and reality that backs all this up? Imma tell you how.

I personally revived my state of health a 180 degree by actually STOPPING volume eating, whole food, nutrient, intermittent fasting and macro obsession. I got sicker all those five years into “perfect vegan eating” and in October last year, just by eating far more calories and stopping orthorexic thoughts like “good” and “bad” around food, I’m now the healthiest I’ve been for the last six years. Hormonally, metabolically, on a physical and mental level. Zero kidding. If you have health issues to combat and overcome after a long time on the “perfect diet” and find yourself less healthy than when you maybe weren’t even plantbased or “eating clean”, vegan or not – this is for you. Make sure you watch all parts of this series. Every video builds upon the previous, they’re all coherent. Imma make sure I touch and address all arguments of those who advocate for a whole foods only diet and often scare you away from anything processed like it’s the evil for mankind. So let’s go straight into part one in my coming post as a starter to smash processed food phobia. ?

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