#2 I was Vitamin D & B12 DEFICIENT & why nearly EVERYONE is! MANGEL?! Blood Test Results

For those of us who have been kicking the topic of vitamin D & B12 down the road like me or for those who have never heard of this! Studies have been showing for decades that B12 and Vitamin D deficiency is no vegan issue – pretty much everyone is affected. If it was a vegan issue, only vegans were affected (but that’s by far not the case). But studies who meat-eaters to be just as likely or even more likely to develop B12 deficiency. And no B12 deficiency was ever reversed by just eating meat again. We are talking about A LOT of B12 we lack, not a couple of decimal places… And Vitamin D3 can only be consumed from diet in minimal amounts. So it’s a “sun deficiency” issue. While the best way is to move ti a tropical climate where you have plenty of intense sun & wild growing fruit with B12 on them – until we get there, best thing is to supplement them. That is valid for everyone.


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