Hormonal Acne

What EstroBlock did to me. Absolute MUST SEE! πŸ™‚
Where a high carb low fat vegan diet could not help in a bearable period of time because the sickness & most highly unnatural condition of my body were too strong.
I believe a healthy diet is the best medicine & first step for all diseases. You can’t hurry health & healing. In the long run, all you need is whole plant foods. But you CAN support it in the way that you can support & supply your body with exactly what it needs once you know what exactly it lacks.

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MUST SEE no matter if you are male or female – if you struggle with any hormonal issues (acne, hair loss, weight gain, PCO, irregular or absent period) OR if you know someone who does: You HAVE to watch this, this is a must! You will get to see my WHOLE HORMONAL ACNE & HAIR LOSS JOURNEY IN PICTURES, no single detail kept secret, including what caused me hormonal chaos & what – after years of struggle – was finally able to reverse it like a wonder (at least to me). I know I’m not alone with a seemingly never-ending acne story… Nothing else left to say. The video speaks for itself.
I’m not saying your story is mine. But you probably will get new insights into & perspectives on your story that you didn’t have before. Please LIKE & SHARE with FRIENDS to help spread the message! πŸ™‚

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Miri Carbundance